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You may have seen my store on Etsy, or not, but I don't have enough space on my Etsy store to put everything I do. It's not just images, but one-off custom stuff, examples to show potential customers what I can do, and more.

Since I'm selling on Etsy and directing people from Etsy to here, I'm not currently selling anything on this site. Please go to My Etsy Store (on the left or see the Etsy Mini at the bottom of this page) to go to purchase the items you might find on this site.

I have a wide variety of products. From home decor to outdoor games, board games and pieces to kitchen items, and plenty of things I don't have listed on this site or my Etsy store and are waiting for me to have time to post.

Please look around and see if you like something. Even if you can't afford it.

Thank you for stopping by!

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