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TV Stand Measuring

I've been asked about how to measure TVs for use with my swivel TV stands, so instead of just a paragraph (or 5) of text, I decided to take some pics. Hopefully they make things a little clearer than a complicated explanation. Click on the images for a larger view

For with of the stand, it doesn't really matter how large the TV is, it's the size and placement of the feet or the stand it's on the really matter for these stands. So, you'll need to measure the width of the feet. Depending on which version of the TV Stand you're looking at, the rotating shelf may be only 24" wide, so your feet shouldn't be any wider than about 22" at their widest point. For the low profile oak stands, you can order exactly what size you need. I suggest ordering a stand at least 2 inches wider than you need, to be safe side. If it's a center stand, you only need to make sure the stand isn't going to hang off the sides of the shelf.
The size of the TV make can make a difference in the depth of the stand, since a really tall TV can tip over. The deeper (front to back) the swivel TV stand, the larger the bearing under it. The bearing gives it the swivel action, and a larger bearing will mean the stand (and the TV) will be more stable. If you don't have a sound bar, simply measure the TV base or feet. Most likely, they will be less than 11", so a 11.25" depth is good to use, unless you have a really large TV. Feel free to match your TV stand to what space you have, though.

Sound bar placement and measurement.






For the sound bar, push the it as far back into the TV as possible. If it fits flat under the TV, do that, but it needs to stay flat or it won't stay on the shelf. Make sure the sound bar is on the table, not on the base of the TV, when you are measuring. The soundbar will not likely stay on the base of the TV for very long. Measure from the front of the soundbar to be back of the TV stand or feet. You may want to measure a couple places to make sure you have the right measurement. Add 2 inches to the largest of these measurements and this is how deep you need the TV stand.

This section is only for the taller stands that have legs.

Too Wide

Small Enough

If your cable box is 7" wide or smaller, it could fit between the legs under the stand, so measure that height. Add 4 inches to that, and that's the minimum total height your stand needs to be. If it's wider than 7", then it could go under the shelf on either side without a problem.
For this specific stand, I go a maximum of 24" wide, 12" tall, and 15" deep. If you need something larger than that, check out my other TV stands to see if one of them will work. If that still doesn't meet your needs, I can build something custom for you.
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