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In August of 2013, I finally decided to join the local maker space I'd been wanting to visit for months. There I learned how to run the laser cutter, 3D printer, and a few other machines I didn't have access to on my own.

Around comes Christmas and I need gifts, but I didn't have much money. I ended up making most of the gifts, and some of them were images or sayings laser etched on clear pine boards.

Then July was coming and I decided to make laser etched and CNC milled flag plaques to try to sell for the 4th of July, this time with oak instead of pine. I learned the CNC machine and cut my design. I kept learning more and getting better at things.

I realized around September of 2014 that I was going to be making Christmas gifts again soon, and started to do designs and decided that if I was going to continue to make plaques. It was shortly after that that I decided I might as well get paid for it. Everyone who I showed my plaques to said they were very nice, even the people who weren't related to me, so why not?

After Christmas was over, I decided to do more than just plaques. They are nice, but there's only so many inspirational or humorous things a person can plaster their walls with. I've always enjoyed board games, so I came up with some designs for the standard game boards and added a few of them to the shop. But you can't have games without the pieces, so I designed them and added them as well.

As I made more stuff, people suggested more ideas. I've made a few of those ideas, and I'm continuing to design more all the time. I've got more designs for game boards, plaques, game pieces, flapping birds, and many other things in the works.

I'm also a techie, so I'm working on adding CNC machines, beverage can dispensers, and more machines to my shop, as I find time to get them going. I work a day job as a computer programmer, so please understand if my new designs are few, far between, or come in waves.

I can do limited custom work, so please ask me about your project, but don't be surprised if I ask lots of questions. I want to make sure what you ask of me is correct to your specifications. If you see something etched on a plaque or serving tray and want it etched on something else I normally etch onto (or vice versa) , ask me to do it. I'm willing to switch my designs to fit what people want, within reason.

I make most of my stuff "to order", so that's why I have shipping dates of a week or more. Sometimes it doesn't take that long and I can get things out sooner. If I offer a piece with finish options, like stain and shellac, I'll put the shipping estimate out far enough so that I have time for the finish to cure. However, if you order a bare wood version, I can get that shipped much sooner.

In fact, I recently had an order for a Go board that came in late one night after I left my shop and I got the notification after I got home. Because it was bare board and I didn't have any other orders to work on, I was able to make it and ship it the very next day. I cannot guarantee that'll always happen, but I try to make my products as quickly as possible and ship them just as soon as they are ready.

Thank you for your interest in my shop and all that I have done. Well, enough about me, I'll let you get back to browsing (and hopefully buying from) my shop!

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