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Once again, 5 pictures on Etsy isn't quite enough for all the shots I'd like to share of my products. Since I have a couple options for chess sets, here are some more detailed pictures and descriptions of what I have for sale.
This is the oak plywood box option. It's sturdy, with a cloth hinge, brass clasp, and looks pretty good.
The inside is lined with felt, including the center divider. This helps keep the pieces clean and prevents being scratched by the box. The center divider helps keep pieces in the box when opening and closing, but there is only on divider in the oak box. The piece layout is exactly the same as in the acrylic box set. I keep on hand 6 options for felt colors, however, I should be able to find a specific color or pattern you're looking for. The local fabric stores have a wide variety, including animal print, glitter, and almost any solid color you can think of. Message me first before you order a set, so I can tell you if I can actually get what you want. I can also make it so that each panel of felt is a different color or pattern, if you want. Again, message me before hand to make sure I can do what you're wanting.
These are the 3 options for brass clasps that I have. I've looked for more options, but I can't find anything that will fit or looks decent. Make sure you mention which clasp you want, or I will default to the triangle (bottom) one.
This is the acrylic box option. I only do clear boxes right now, since the acrylic I get comes in slightly different thicknesses and that means I have to redesign the box for each color in order to make them fit together correctly. Instead of gluing the boxes together, I'm using built in clips to hold the sides on. The clear acrylic hinges are guled on with some really good plastic cement. I don't have a clasp for this box yet, since I haven't figured out a good way to design it yet.
You can see here that the clear box looks really great with transparent pieces. The dividers have notches at the top and bottom, so you can get them out easier. These are opaque pieces. This box stands really well and the 2 dividers keep the pieces from falling out. Pieces of clear tape help make them 100% secure.
This shot is just the two above sets next to each other.
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