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Rotation speed: 3000-12000r/min

Work voltage: 12-48VDC

Power: 400W

Torque: 500mN.m

Insulation resistance: >2Megohm

Dielectric strength: 400V

Motor Length: 186mm

Diameter: 52mm

Axis collet Length: 48mm

Diameter of Axis collect holder: 16mm

Repeat accuracy: 0.01-0.03mm

ER11 collect: 3.175mm

Air cooled

Soft-start function

Motor Controller

Mounting Bracket

Includes potentiometer for manual control

Nema23 stepper motor, 1.9 Nm

Hall Effect limit switches

Touch off plate

6"-7" of Z-axis travel

Included Accessories:

ER11 1-7mm & 2x 1/8" & 1/4" (16 total collets)

5x 4 Flute HSS Solid Carbide End Mill

4 Flute HSS Straigh Shank End Mill 1.5-6mm (10 end mills)


This shows a close up of the milling head attached to the gantry. There are only 2 bolts and 2 screws to attach it to the X-axis, plus some electrical connections. Here's a view of the electrical connections. I will eventually be making this a plug-in style.
This is the milling head on it's own, showing all the wires that come out of the drag chain. This side view shows just how thin the head it. It's not much thicker than the motor and motor mount.
Here's a picture of all the milling bits and collets I'm including. This box is too small for all the bit and collets I'm including, so I'm including a larger box built in the same way.
This is all that's needed for electronics, to be added to the control box for using the milling head. The Nema23 will be controlled by one of the motor controllers already installed. Here's a picture of all the milling bits and collets I'm including.
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